About us

The Seatrade Marine & Offshore set up for the main purpose to cater Marine as well as Oil & Gas Industries with a view to provide an One Stop Support Centre for the Companies and group Services Companies' requirements for various Marine and Shore based works for up-keeping their Maritime Vessels, Oil Rigs, Offshore Installations, Equipment Designs, Construction, Refurbishment& Retrofitting, Operation and Maintenance tasks.

The Seatrade Marine & Offshore Engineering centers in Visakhapatnam and Kakinada engages a skilled team of Business Development, Structural Engineering, Procurement Logistics and Construction Managerial support teams that has significant hands on experience in serving prominent clients in Maritime, Oil & Gas for meeting all types industry related tasks on Marine Vessels, Offshore Installations, Drilling &Sub Sea Equipment, Crisis Management Control activities.

Our team has some of the finest abilities those are not limited to Equipment Management, Business Development, Design Competitive Analysis, P&L Responsibility, Product Development Analysis, Project Management, Fleet Management, Change Orders, Surveying and Documentation are a few.

The Seatrade Marine & Offshore can manage the projects properly until the completion, which can make the company important savings. It possesses a deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry in using the best technologies and resources in order to deliver optimized solutions according to any company's specifications.