Basic & Engineering Design

Concept Design

Seatrade Marine & Offshore is to provide an Innovative and cost-effective concept designs that are optimized for individual requirement with a clear global competitive advantage.

  • Feasibility studies and project costing
  • General Arrangement, Outline Tender speciation, Initial Stability, Resistance and powering calculation, light ship weight estimation
  • Detailed technical speciation, Makers list, Ship building contract
  • Ship yard tender, tender evaluation assistance

Basic Design

Seatrade marine & offshore is use advanced techniques and naval architecture calculations to develop new hull forms and hydrodynamic characteristics, which includes maneuvering, stabilization and propulsion systems. New hull forms are towing tank tested to verify the hydrodynamics and ship motions at different sea state.

Basic design package includes

  • Structural design, Capacity plan, Intact & damage stability, Resistance & powering calculations.
  • Class drawings, Scantling calculations, Foundation design, FEM Analysis
  • Piping System schematics, machinery arrangement
  • Accommodation, HVAC, interior design, LSA, FFA, LSS drawings
  • Complete electrical Design