Global Partners

As a team with an array of noble minded working partners like five fingers of a hand. Our senior partner an Engineering Associate with over 40 years of hands on international experience offering an extensive array of Marine as well as Oil & Gas industry services in a skilled managerial position since 1977 and to the youngest energetic partner with a post-graduation from Manufacturing Engineering with a sound 12 years of professional knowledge in Welding, NDT and six sigma tools is a proven asset for any client.

Another couple of working partners are Mechanical Engineering & Naval Architecture with qualified QMS experienced for 20 & 10 years respectively are proven wizards in ship designing and tracking the production line, shipyard cost control strategies, dry-docking abilities with client's asset integrity and up-keeping techniques are the prime features.

The fifth partner of this group is also a post-graduate in Business Administration with 14 years of Administrative, Procurement and Logistics experience who controls from a needle to a ship single handedly.